NERHMIS New England Regional HMIS

The New England Regional Homeless Management Information System (NERHMIS) is a corporation under the general not for profit corporation act of the State of New Hampshire, incorporated May 8, 2008. From the period of July 2003 to 2008, NERHMIS operated as an unincorporated association of the States of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Upon incorporation in 2008, associates of the unincorporated association became associates of the NERHMIS Corporation.

NERHMIS was organized for the following educational and scientific purposes, as stated in its articles of incorporation:

  • To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and results of experience among persons interested or engaged in the field of ending homelessness, the provision of human services, data collection, and information management;
  • To encourage the collection, compilation, and dissemination of information on matters relating to the data management and public administration of such programs utilizing public and private funds;
  • To encourage the utilization of evidenced based practices for effective program performance;
  • To advance uniformity and consistency of approach in the field of ending homelessness, human services, data collection, information management; and
  • To foster ongoing collaboration among associate representatives of the States in New England amongst themselves and with other parties interested in addressing the role of data collection and information management in our field.

Consistent with these purposes, the NERHMIS group undertakes its professional and educational activities to advance and advocate for excellence in data collection, data quality, information sharing, and reporting on the homeless, housing, and human services field by:

  • Upholding and promoting integrity, ethics, and professionalism in the delivery of services in the field particularly in the New England Region
  • Promoting the uniformity and consistency of opportunity and program outcomes for all consumers through HMIS and related data collection